In 2006 the journeys down new paths continued for the Ramya and Arpana. The Company participated in several festivals around the Southland. The highlight was of course, the re- presentation of the collaborative work with Kinnara Taiko at the renown Getty in the summer. The occasion was the exhibit called Rubens & Brueghel - a working friendship at the museum. Several new members have been added to the Company’s roster with the series of Arangetrams held late summer.

Besides Amita Sheth-Khare and Anjali Ravuri, Saru Janahan also took over the task of managing many of the beginning and intermediate classes. Two new projects were introduced to motivate the young students. In the weekly Boot Camp sessions conducted by Saru, she works with aspiring Arangetrees on their basic technique and endurance. D-Construct, initiated and coordinated by Shravani Jhandyala, an Arpana mom, is a short performance based project held twice a year. The aspiring Arangetree receives critique from three panelists with different perspectives. This assists and motivates them in their preparation process.

Ahila Gulasekaram, the senior most dancer of ADC, was featured in a video collage at the prestigious Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. It was a prelude to the Indian section titled Divine Lovers.

Anusha Kedhar, also one of the earliest students of the school, was selected amongst 18 artistes world wide to participate in APPEX, a summer exchange program of artistes from the Pacific Rim countries. This program took place at the University of California campus in Los Angeles. She is pursuing a PhD in dance at University of California, Riverside and is also a recipient of a Fullbright scholarship for 2007.

continued her workshops abroad in the summer - teaching Abhinaya in St. Jean du Gard, France and Bharata Natyam on the invitation of the Taipei University and the National Dance Association of Taiwan. She was also honored to participate with her guru, Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan in a DVD series Ashta Vida Nayika. It was released during the December Cultural season in Chennai. Another interesting project was training a group of young Mexican girls and boys in Bharata Natyam on the invitation of the Academy of International Dance, Santa Ana, CA.