Ganga - life as a river layers post-modern choreography atop the classical Indian dance form, Bharata Natyam. Against a soundtrack that combines instrumentals, singing and spoken word, dancers in contemporary costumes perform vignettes reminiscent of a river traveling from a young, bubbling brook to the deep, calm waters uniting with the sea. In India, the River Ganga represents both eternal life and a goddess symbolizing feminine power, and so, too, this dance evokes both a river and the stages of women's lives. While it draws from archetypal symbols of the Ganga as Woman and Goddess, it also brings together a different understanding of the lives of everyday women.

While Bharata Natyam performances traditionally work with old compositions and music, Ganga features specially commissioned music arranged by OC resident, Babu Parmeswaran. Along with co director Dr. Priya Srinivasan of UC Riverside, Harishankar explores a new vocabulary within the language of Indian dance in this production. She has explored various themes in past productions such as using the Bharata Natyam technique to Spanish bolero music and choreographing Bharata Natyam movements to the rhythmic accompaniment of Taiko drumming, 'Nonetheless, this time the goal was to step out of the box completely and challenge oneself - physically, mentally and spiritually' said Harishankar of this work.


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